January 15, 2021

You have all the tools you need to protect yourself from unwanted spirit influence – you’ve had them all along. Read more

January 13, 2021

In the funeral industry “Christian” has somehow come to mean dignified, as though non-Christian funerary practices are an aberrant display of otherness. Read more

January 6, 2021

Until we invent an empathy chip, we’re just going to have to keep listening to others, and truly hear them when they say we’ve caused harm.  Read more

January 2, 2021

The dead, generally, don’t need our help. Instead they’re here to give it, and we death workers live in service to them. A voice with which to speak, hands that might hold, arms that might lift up; that through us, those around us might occupy a world with a little less sorrow. Read more

December 18, 2020

We came to realize we preferred for them to come to understand Santa Claus in the same way they already understood other Gods in our household. Read more

December 14, 2020

Perhaps one day, when all our own books are failing the CRAAP test, Penczak, Mooney, and yes, even myself, will be considered “frauds,” and that is a day I look forward to because it means that we have grown as a community. Read more

December 7, 2020

A little help in finding the perfect holiday gift for the Necromancer in your life. Read more

December 4, 2020

I felt as we spoke that this was truly the big takeaway from Arcane Bull$#!T. It’s that anyone can do something daunting if it’s broken into small enough pieces, that we can all succeed, and that even something not taken seriously, sometimes, becomes magic. Read more

December 2, 2020

To bring a spirit into your heart and to act out its will is no small thing, and I wish more than anything that I could go back in time and tell that little girl how much magic she made in the world. Read more

November 23, 2020

Instead of a diatribe on the origins of the holiday, or talk about why I am or am not feeling thankful, I thought I’d just share a favorite recipe for some magic cookies, and a Harvest Home blessing a friend inspired me to write. Read more

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