White and Gold? Black and Blue? How Do Other Catholics See The Dress?

White and Gold? Black and Blue? How Do Other Catholics See The Dress? February 27, 2015

If you’ve gotten within fifty feet of social media today, then you know about The Dress. Still trending as of 4:00 PM EST.

What color is it? White and gold? Blue and black?

Ever on the cutting edge, the AoftheA Social Media Department wanted the thoughts and opinions of other Catholic figures and bloggers. But rather than ask any of them, which takes time and effort, and requires silly things like “direct quotes” and whatnot, the Social Media Department took their best guesses.

Fr Z: “I see the red, and I see the black.”

Mark Shea: “It looks like the kind of a dress someone would wear to a Stupid Evil Party, and even an Evil Stupid Party.”

Jimmy Akin: “Well, it’s not really an “either/or”, but a “both/and”.

Cardinal Burke: “I look at that dress, and I see an increasingly feminized Church.”

Sister Carol Zinn (president, LCWR): “I look at that dress, and I see an out of touch, misogynistic hierarchy. Plus, it’s kinda cute.”

Rorate Caeli: “Aurum et album.”

Novus Ordo Watch: “The short hemline proves it’s of Masonic design. Definitely a result of Vatican II.”

Rebecca Frech: “Who cares? I just want to see the shoes.”

Catholic Drinkie (Sarah Vabulus): “Black and tan.”

Jennifer Fulwiler: “My 7 Quick Takes is entirely about the dress!”

Cardinal Kasper: “The dress seems to be in an irregular situation, so I recommend we take a merciful and pastoral approach.”

VP Joe Biden: “I dunno. I just want to give a creepy hug to whomever wears it.”

Not to appear exclusive, here are what some non-Catholics are saying:

North Koreans: “We see whatever colors Kim Jung Un sees.”

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler: “50% of viewers will be allowed to see white and gold, and the other 50% will be allowed to see black and blue.”

President Barack Obama: “There are those who will say it’s white and gold. And there are those who will say it’s black and blue. But let me be clear. No one should be getting on their high horse about the dress, which is why I have established a national bipartisan commission and I will focus like a laser on solving this problem for the American people.”

Then there was this, from the Twitter account of Micah Johnson:

Not much more can be said after that, but go ahead – add your own to the combox.

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