Peanut Butter & Grace: Helping Parents Raise Catholic Kids

Peanut Butter & Grace: Helping Parents Raise Catholic Kids April 8, 2015

A longtime Catholic blogger and friend of AoftheA, The Ironic Catholic, has launched a program for families looking to pass on the Catholic faith to their kids. They called it Peanut Butter & Grace (PB & Grace, officially), and it looks great. They created an Indiegogo funding page:

What if you could help 10,000 Catholic families inspire their kids to live more fully in the love of Christ? What if you could hand all those parents books and digital resources that made it easy for them to pray, celebrate grace, love God and neighbor, and talk about God with their kids? What if you could give all those kids beautifully crafted storybooks that told great stories of faith?

Team up with Peanut Butter & Grace, and we’ll do all that and more by the end of the year.


Making Family Faith Formation As Simple as a PB & J

The research is unambiguous: The way that parents live out the faith at home is far and away the number one predictor of kids’ future faith practices. And yet, even among parents who say that passing the faith on to their kids is “very important,” as few as 30 percent actually do anything at home to meet that goal. 

What can we do to support these parents? We can give them resources that make it super simple to start living out the faith with their kids, right here and right now.

That’s what Peanut Butter & Grace books and digital resources are created to do. They’re:

  • Practical: Rather than asking parents to “teach” their kids “about” a faith that they might not know too well themselves, Peanut Butter & Grace coaches parents toward practicing the faith with their kids in everyday life and using that experience as a starting point for learning more about why we do what we do as Catholic Christians.
  • Grab-and-go: Instead of super-complicated lesson plans, parents get started practicing the faith with their kids right away.
  • Focused: Families focus on the essentials of following Christ in the company of the whole Church.

The bottom line: Family faith formation should be as simple
as making a pb & j sandwich.

Check it out, and prayerfully consider participating! The fundraiser closes in several days. Thanks!

(The IC was one of the first Catholic blogs I came across, way way back in the day. Love her blog – it was one of a select few that inspired me to give blogging a go.)

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