The AoftheA “Heretic Ladies Womynpreest Music Video Throwdown”

The AoftheA “Heretic Ladies Womynpreest Music Video Throwdown” June 11, 2015

Did you know there are now two pro-womynpreest fauxrdination videos out there? Did you want to know? Too bad! Now you know!

Here’s your chance to participate in the first ever AoftheA “Heretic Ladies Womynpreest Music Video Throwdown”! Which one’s worse?

In my opinion, both get a 0.5 in Danceability, -30 in Watchability, and Eleventy-hundred’s in Heresy. I guess that makes them equally horrible.

Music Video #1: Shake It Off, Women’s Ordination Conference & Call-To-Action March 2015

It’s so bad, even Taylor can’t bear to watch it.

Music Video #2: Ordain A Lady, Women’s Ordination Conference Dec 2012

Cast your “thumbs down” or “thumbs downer” votes in the combox. Vote now! Vote often! Vote for both! Bonus points if you indicate just how long you held out in watching either video.

How can the WOC and Call-to-Action possibly believe these videos advance their cause? I really don’t understand it. Pretty sad, actually.

Taylor Swift Photo credit: Bê Swifty / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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