The Blind Muslim Trust Experiment

The Blind Muslim Trust Experiment December 9, 2015

In light of Donald Trump’s recent and repeated asinine proclamation he would ban all Muslims from entering America if he became President, I thought posting the following video was apropos. This is just one of a series of ‘Social Experiment’ videos. Are they a bit schmaltzy? Maybe to the more cynical folks out there. But I dunno – it wouldn’t hurt Donald Trump and his campaign staff (and maybe his supporters, too) to watch this.

While I don’t share their beliefs – I wholly believe that the Catholic faith is the one true faith – it doesn’t change the fact we’re all made in the image and likeness of God. That’s our common heritage. That’s the starting point. Respect, charity, kindness – everybody deserves at least that much. I would’ve hugged these people.

If it takes a few brave Muslims to blindfold themselves and ask for hugs from strangers and passersby to see that – then Amen.

Here’s another thought experiment – if Donald Trump blindfolded himself and asked for hugs, would you give him one? How about President Obama? How about [insert The Other here]?

My answer? Yes.

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