Elle Magazine Freaks Out Over Unborn Child On Newsweek Cover

Elle Magazine Freaks Out Over Unborn Child On Newsweek Cover January 9, 2016


Not only a full-scale, weapons-grade freak out, but a case of a broken irony detector as well.

Here’s the headline:

Why Does Newsweek’s ‘Abortion Wars’ Cover Show A Cartoon Fetus Instead Of A Woman?

(but it could be a girl fetus, right? In which case…)

Copyright rules prevent me from posting Newsweek’s cover image, but the link above takes you straight to it. I’m only going to quote the synopsis, because it pretty much says it all:

By focusing on a Pixar-cute fetus, Newsweek is ignoring the people most affected by ‘The Abortion Wars’: people with uteruses.

It’s ironic that a magazine which more than likely retouches photographs of its models grouches over a “Pixar-cute” fetus.

And the people most affected by abortion are the ones who get murdered – the unborn babies. Seems like an appropriate image to me. That’s not to imply or infer that mothers aren’t affected – they most certainly are. But the mother – most of the time – gets to leave the abortion clinic under her own power. Yes, in many cases the mother suffers effects down the road – physically, mentally, spiritually. That’s not the point here. The point is, as pro-life advocates are wont to say, abortion has two victims: one dead, one wounded.

Three, actually. Let’s not forget the fathers. I know that the feminists and abortion supporters believe a male (a cis male, no less!) such as myself doesn’t warrant an opinion in the abortion matter. As a former fetus, however, I have every right. And many post-abortion dads in the world would beg to differ. The murder of millions of babies a year in America need every voice to speak out against this horror, and to call out those who would rather consider the unborn baby’s death an inconvenient truth, if they bother considering it at all.

Photo credit: heydrienne via Foter.com / CC BY

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