PARISH REPORT: Church Designates “Peanut-Free Pews” For Kids Who Snack At Mass

PARISH REPORT: Church Designates “Peanut-Free Pews” For Kids Who Snack At Mass December 23, 2015


(AoftheANews) SAN JOSE – Beginning next Sunday at St Hazel’s, parishioners whose children suffer from peanut allergies will have the option to sit in three ‘peanut-free’ pews. The parish council approved the proposal during their November meeting, in response to a mother’s petition to create a ‘safe snacking space’ for her three-year old daughter, diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy.

“We’re proud of our accomplishment,” Fr Al Mond told AoftheA News. “Our mission at St Hazel’s is to create a warm, hospitable environment for our parishioners and guests, where everyone is welcome. Families dealing with peanut allergies can be assured that their kids will be able to snack safely during Mass, without worry of contamination from some other kid’s trail mix or Cracker Jack.”

Parish Council President Phil Burt said the change was necessary. “We haven’t gotten any reports of a severe allergic reaction yet, so this is strictly a proactive change in response to our parishioners’ needs. We already have a “peanut-free” table in the school cafeteria. This is just an extension of that.”

When asked wouldn’t it better to simply request families from giving their children snacks during Mass, Fr Mond laughed nervously. “You’ve obviously never dealt with mothers of toddlers. I’d rather negotiate with a roomful of liturgical coordinators than suggest taking baggies of Cheerios away from a kid.”

Image Source: Pixabay

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  • Fr. Mond is completely right. But as the Popcak family states in their CD- always bring your kids to mass, no matter what activities it takes to keep them quiet. But at the consecration, scoop up that baby into your arms, point its little face forward, and whisper in its ear “There is Our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for our sins”. Do this from birth, and by the time they can walk, they will know how to be reverent in Mass.

  • Sophia Sadek

    Now if they can only figure out accommodations for people who are allergic to human flesh and blood.

  • All these nut puns are wasted. As someone who grew up in the peanut State, I have to tell you that peanuts are not nuts, but rather legumes.

    • LarryD

      You’re bean picky.

  • tj.nelson

    This is nuts.

  • Robin Warchol

    You also need to put this pew in the front so these families don’t feel isolated and then we can hear them munch when needed