November 11, 2015

(AoftheANews) KANSAS CITY – Catholic shut-ins living in the northwestern area of Kansas City will soon be able to receive Holy Communion every Sunday, despite not attending Mass. Starting the First Sunday of Advent, Sts. Lockheed and Martin parish will launch their Eucharist Drone Service, where specially built drones will transport Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to shut-ins and Catholics too ill to attend Mass. “We’re very excited,” Fr. Holden Tite told AoftheA News. “We figured, if Amazon plans to deliver packages, and Dominos plans to deliver pizzas, then why can’t… Read more

November 9, 2015

Saw the story on Aleteia, by former Patheos blogger Deacon Greg Kandra. So ridiculous. Original piece via CampusReform: Following a vote from the Board of Trustees, Susquehanna University is the latest institution whose mascot, the Crusaders, must go due to concern over potential offensiveness and negative connotations. Citing “growing concern and sensitivity” to ensure sure the campus remains “welcoming and inclusive,” SU President L. Jay Lemons addressed the student body in a video sent via e-mail September 25 explaining the history and use… Read more

November 6, 2015

When you hear the story of Elijah and the widow of Zarapheth read during Mass this Sunday, your imagination will go to the same place my imagination goes to… You’re welcome. Read more

November 4, 2015

Micaiah Bilger at has the story. New Website Helps You Avoid Obamacare Plans Paying for Abortions With Your Tax Dollars A new website is helping people to avoid paying for abortion coverage in the new Obamacare health insurance plans. The Charlotte Lozier Institute and the Family Research Council created the website showing which insurance plans cover abortion on the state insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, the Washington Examiner reported today. The website,, has a clickable map of… Read more

November 4, 2015

(AoftheANews) EAST LANSING – Starting this Sunday, parishioners and visitors at Sts. Amber & Pilsner will be receiving handouts prior to Mass indicating possible “trigger warnings” contained in the readings for the Liturgy of the Word. “Our parish is responding to the fragile sensitivities of many of our college-age members,” Fr Pat Ronnyze, pastor of Sts Amber & Pilsner told AoftheA News. “We’re providing an environment consistent with what they experience in the classrooms and dorms on campus.” The parish is located several blocks off… Read more

November 3, 2015

In Catholic terms? This pathetic.   Jesus can change ordinary bread and wine into His Body and Blood, but I doubt He can perform enough miracles to turn this extraordinarily awful team into a winning football franchise. Read more

November 2, 2015

The National Catholic Reporter has the sob story. Cincinnati Nun Excommunicated After Admitting Illegal Priestly Ordination A nun in Cincinnati was excommunicated and dismissed from the Sisters of the Precious Blood after admitting she was secretly ordained as a priest this spring. Sr. Letitia “Tish” Rawles was serving as a “catacomb” priest in order to not cause trouble for her religious order. “A catacomb priest is a priest who functions privately in service of a specific community,” said Bishop Bridget… Read more

November 2, 2015

Last week, Huffington Post ran a piece called “The 3-Letter Word That Cuts Down Women Every Day”. In it, author Cameron Schaeffer said the word too is sexist, and it makes women feel bad about themselves. No, seriously. It’s what she wrote. With all that’s going on in the world, too is evil, part of the Politically Incorrect lexicon. Thus, the column deserves snarky commentary, mostly because it’s too silly to avoid, and partly because it’s how I roll. Here’s a portion: There is no proper way for… Read more

October 27, 2015

The Synod on the Family concluded this past Saturday. It was a big deal for some people, a huge ordeal for others. In the end, though, the Church has survived (no big surprise there!). So to celebrate, the AoftheA Swag Office has been toiling away for the past several…minutes, developing Synod on the Family 2015 banners and badges for bloggers to proudly display at their sites. Let everybody know that you endured the Greatest Crisis To Strike At The Catholic Church Until The Next… Read more

October 23, 2015

A parable has been forgotten amidst the talk and chatter concerning whether the Church should allow divorced and remarried Catholics (without having had their previous marriage annulled) to receive Holy Communion, or create some sort of ‘path’ moving forward. Remember Matthew 22:1-14? Good thing I’m here to remind y’all. Here are the pertinent verses: But when the king came in to look at the guests, he saw there a man who had no wedding garment; and he said to him, “Friend, how did you… Read more

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