SARS Watch

SARS Watch April 17, 2003

As the rest of the world remains overoccupied with war in Iraq, one man who deserves a meddle is blogging what looks like becoming a massive killer epidemic and the shocking cover up that China has attempted. Just read this quote from SARS Watch org by Tim Bishop +

WHO cumulative SARS total for April 16, 2003 As of 16 April, 2003, there have been 3293 cases of SARS reported, 58 news ones since yesterday. There have been 159 deaths, and 1548 recoveries, according to the World Health Organization. The fatality rate seems higher than the previously reported 3-4%. Of course, the data are highly suspect, given growing evidence that China is continuing to conceal many cases.

According to the CDC, there are 199 suspected and actual cases total in the US.

The WHO stats page which is the source of these figures also makes for a concerning read as now it seems the USA has local spread of the disease. I hope they won’t have to cancel the APA meeting in San Fransisco next month which my new employers will be sending me to.

The overstretched NHS will simply not be able to cope if this becomes a major problem in the UK. This is another refreshing reminder of our own mortality. The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards

make interesting reading in our anaesthetised world. One of them is as follows “Resolved, to think much on all occasions of my own dying, and of the common circumstances which attend death.” Mabe SARS will help us to do what Edwards thought necessary. What would I do different today if I knew it was my last day alive?

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