Clinton looses his rag on TV

Clinton looses his rag on TV June 20, 2004

Memo to all famous or nearnly famous people out there (and yes that includes ex-presidents of the USA). If anyone approaches you from Panorama to be intereviewed consider your response carefully. In a result that is all too familiar for anyone who has ever watched Panorama, Clinton is apparently given such a grilling that he loses his temper with David Dimbleby during a BBC television interview to be broadcast this week when he is repeatedly quizzed about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. The former American president, famed for his amiable disposition, becomes visibly angry and rattled, particularly when Dimbleby asks him whether his publicly declared contrition over the affair is genuine.

This should make interesting viewing if you like that sort of thing. The transcript will be available after the programme on the BBC website It willl be broadcast on BBC One on Tuesday, 22 June

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