Making Peace

Making Peace June 24, 2004

Jollyblogger has been shamelessly promoting Ken Sande’s book the peacemaker and speaking of adapting much of his material.

Well I have been there too, and preached on ‘Blessed are the peacemakers’

I was able to construct some useful acronyms such as that forgiveness means to ‘DROP’ something- refuse to dwell on it, prevent it from effecting your relationship with the other, promise not to talk with others about it (there may be limits to such a promise of course- eg if something requires a response from others), consigning it to the past.

You can read my other acronyms and listen to the sermon- nick as much as you like jollyblogger and anyone else out there!

Tope, my pastor says he has never had an original thought in his life- I think he’s being a little harsh on himself.

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