Reformed charismatics do exist

Reformed charismatics do exist June 26, 2004

Further proof that such a creature exists if you needed it could be found in the talk I listened to this morning by Terry Virgo given at the recent Leaders conference in Brighton. Sadly I missed the conference as I was looking after the children so my wife could go.

Anyway, his comments included the following which stood out to me….

When speaking of Gods choice of specific people to be saved and have specific roles he made the point that whilst Golliath had said ‘Choose a man for yourselves’ God had said a few chapters before ‘I have chosen a man for myself (David)’

People might say thats not fair, dont I have a free will. Terry said ‘Yes but God’s is freer!’ The concept of limits to the so-called free will of man is crucial for our sanity. Believing in a sovereign God who can prevent certain things from happening and who ‘Does whatever he chooses’ is vital to preserve our sanity.

So yes, I am a reformed charismatic and there are many more out there…..

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