"Has God ever healed you?" and thoughts on my return

"Has God ever healed you?" and thoughts on my return November 9, 2004

A blog is like a friend. Neglect it for a while, and you feel embarrassed mildly on your return. In my case the embarrassment is increased by a sense of having terribly failed the Christian community by breaking the unbroken chain of Christian Carnivals.

I still cant get the carnival up as now the hundreds of emails I havent read have crashed my email program! Hopefully this string of computer issues is now almost over. I still dont have ASDL back up and running however. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that ordinary modems have reduced in price to 19. So, now I have bought a modem and am online at least slowly. I can now read by emails on the web but not the old ones! You may need to be patient a while longer and send another mail if you want into the Blogdom of God at the moment.

I have another extremely busy week at work this week, and between now and the end of the weekend, I have to attend a major 2-day external meeting which I am helping to organise and speak at, to re-apply for my job, update the CV and have the interview, and finally prepare for a sermon this Sunday.

If you are a Christian reading this now is your opportunity to do two things for me! Firstly, please PRAY for me, I could sure use it this week.

The Second is to tell me your stories about how you have experienced God’s healing touch personally. If you have been healed, tell me your story as a comment on this post, or by email. Are miracles for today? Do you have clear examples of the power of prayer to share with us?

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