John Stott on non-authoritative NT prophecy

John Stott on non-authoritative NT prophecy November 25, 2013

As far as I know John Stott was a cessationist through and through.  This makes his attached statement about  New Testament prophecy all the more credible and significant. It is worthy of our consideration because what is happening here is that a good biblical scholar is allowing the Bible to take him in the direction of something that could potentially undermine his position.  We all do well to approach the Bible with a similar reverence.

Of course there are degrees of charismaticism and cessationism as my previous spectrum post and discussions with Steve Camp and Doug Wilson demonstrate.

I am grateful to a friend who forwarded this quote and commend it to your attention. Stott argues here that there was indeed a non-authoritative version of prophecy in operation in NT times. Click on the image below to read it more clearly:

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