Premier’s Unbelievable? with Adrian Warnock and Doug Wilson on Strange Fire

Premier’s Unbelievable? with Adrian Warnock and Doug Wilson on Strange Fire November 23, 2013

Earlier today Premier Christian Radio broadcast a conversation between me and cessationist Doug Wilson. It wasn’t really a debate, still less an argument, more a discussion between two brothers who happen to disagree. Justin Brierley did his usual fantastic job of moderating. At one point we both conceded defeat! Anyway, I would encourage you to have a listen and to whet your appetite here is a couple of quotes from Doug in response to the comments MacArthur has made that have led some to conclude he believes charismatics are not saved:

“In the best case scenario MacArthur is painting with way too broad a brush, in the worst case scenario it’s just outrageous. I understand that Phil Johnson said he was not saying this about each and every charismatic. He was not saying it was impossible to be a charismatic and be saved – which would put his statement at the “it was way too broad a brush”. If that was the case then I think John MacArthur needs to come out and say it.

“I’d like to see reponsible charismatics policing their own ranks more effectively. I’d like to encourage the responsible charismatics to give John MacArthur “a pass” on this. He’s a faithful servant of christ, he’s preached faithfully for many years now. I differ with the way he’s expressed himself on this issue. But charisamtics have a long practise of giving a pass to people who do weird things. So, I would encourage them not to take it to heart, give him a pass. But I do want to insist that this conference they had didn’t come from nowhere.”

For Doug Wilson

For Justin Brierley’s Christianity Magazine article on Benny Hinn click here.

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