A personal Christmas message and seasonal greeting…..

A personal Christmas message and seasonal greeting….. December 18, 2004

This post is predominantly for anyone who in the run up to Christmas does what I just did and trys to google for an old friend. I found his website and dropped him an email. So anyone who actually knows us and stumbles across this site here is my news! Some of this may be of interest to a few of my regular readers, but if not I apologise!

The run up to this Christmas seems even busier than usual. We have had builders in the loft and utility room in the last couple of weeks and the good news is I am writing this from my loft as we speak. My pile of books is gradually disappearing from the rest of the house and into purpose built shelving in the loft. Andrée is


I have just been offered a promotion at work and the job is going well. Andrée is looking forward to having three kids at school/nursery school and one at playgroup in a couple of months, and NO, in case you are wondering she is not pregnant again! She is enjoying her craft and I suspect many a happy evening will now be spent in the loft by both of us as she has her craft workshop up here as well.

Tamasin is almost 8 and continues to be a spirited child who enjoys life. Henry is almost 6 and was so exctied the other day to see a real axe- “I never thought I’d see a real one of those he said”.

Charis is now 4 and is doing really well and has two terms left before she starts reception which is only marginally more scarey than the fact that Joel is about to turn 2. He is into EVERYTHING at the moment. We just lost him a few minutes ago and found him eventually asleep on top of the bunkbed which he knows he’s not meant to climb.

Even if I don’t know you “IRL” it would be great to hear some of your news this christmas. Do drop me a line by email.


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