Calling all aggregator hosts…..

Calling all aggregator hosts….. February 6, 2005

David has decided to take the Reformed Aggregator to the new Blogdigger platform. I have sussed out that there is a great method of backwards compatibility which allows such a jump to occur whilst still keeping the old sites up to date. has one major advantage which is that it is more able to be adapted to look how you want it to. Thus, we can have the best of both worlds. Blogdigger will read atom leads, and as well as meaning that there are two versions of the aggregator pages that since they are not identical can both be added to google’s index

that also allows me to automatically include ALL reformed bloggers in the blogdom of God- you can use the RSS feed of the new aggregator and incorporate it as a feed into the old one- thus instantly the old reformed blogs page is as up to date but just looks different!

Cool huh!

I hope that more aggregators will go down this route then poeple can just add themselves to the most appropriate subdivision and still appear on the main BofG page.

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