"The Warnies" Aggregator Group Page and the next recipient

"The Warnies" Aggregator Group Page and the next recipient February 6, 2005

I guess it was inevitable the way aggregators are springing up everywhere, but there is now an aggregator for past recipients of the ‘Warnie award for blog excelence. I hope that it will all fix itself shortly as the OPML output includes all previous recipients but the actual aggregation doesnt yet- its possible blogdigger takes a while to visit new blogs added to its database.

The sharp eyed among you will note that all “Warnie” recipients are now included in the Blogdom of God and that there is a new recipient (and not before time!)

So tonights winner is Allthings2all which is a great blog which deserves a LOT more readers than it currently got. The writer is a Kiwi and has started the Women for God aggregator (which gives a clue as to her gender). She is also the writer of a fantastic blog with the kind of broad subject base I love. Go read it and enjoy!

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