The paedobaptist gauntlet

The paedobaptist gauntlet February 25, 2005

Half Pint House is frustrated as no one will engage with him on questions he has asked about why infant baptism is encouraged. Heres my reply on his comments section

Let me know if you get answers to these questions. As a non-paedobaptist I doubt you will get very clear ones. For me, if there is any doubt at all about whether babies should be baptised we should leave them unbaptised. Why? Based on a Warnock law of decision making- considering worst case scenarios.

If I dont baptise my kids, whats the worst thing that can happen? No one seems to believe that baptising them is in any way efficacious. So the worst thing is that I am disobeying a commandment that God never gave me in the first place. IF God wanted me to baptise my kids I think he would have made it clearer by actually asking me to in the bible.

So, whats the worst case scenario on the other hand? Well, I inocculate my kids against true christianity. They feel they have done it all and have nothing left to do. They grow up and never have the opportunity that a decision about baptism does to bring absolute clarity to whether they believe or not. Drifting apparently into faith they then drift out of it again, all the time thinking “Im ok coz my parents did it for me”.

The bible is very clear in acts and says “Repent and be baptised”

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