Russell Brand: “No Material Thing Will Work for you EVER!”

Russell Brand: “No Material Thing Will Work for you EVER!” May 1, 2024

Screenshot from Russell Brands video at
Screenshot from Russell Brands video at

“The Material World has nothing else to give you Russell, it can only take from you”

So said a Hindu to Russell Brand to his great annoyance, but this statement over time triggered his realisation that he needed something from outside this world to trust in and experience.  Russell has now concluded:

“I have found it in that humble place that was at the end of my street. . . in Christianity and in particular in the figure of Christ.”

Russell Brand also quotes the WSJ saying that one Third of young adults in the USA now believe in God, which is up massively from just a Quarter in 2021.  The article states that the last four years have been years of loss for the whole World and this increase in suffering has led many back to the Christian faith.

One thing seems for sure we are likely to hear a lot more from Russell Brand on the subject of his new faith.  I encourage my Christian readers to pray for him and whoever is advising him spiritually. Whatever your thoughts of his lifestyle till now, and even if you remain cynical about his conversion, we should believe that Jesus can reach ANYONE and give them a fresh start WHATEVER they have done.

Twitter Clip

The video is a clip form his longer podcast episode which is available free in audio.  A longer portion of the podcast is embedded below where he talks about his faith and why he feels Christianity is on the rise worldwide:



Extracts from Russell Brand’s Podcast which is also available on video at Rumble

“A set of values not derived from the materialist culture are becoming increasingly relevant…. I have been through a lot of things personally, I know you’ve been through a lot of things personally too. For me I have reached a point where the figure the personage the presence of Christ became overwhelming, unavoidable, necessary.  Suffering is not fun . . . where do you turn to in those moments?  A lot of people across the world are turning to religion . . . for a long time I was associated with a decadent hedonistic Hollywood lifestyle . . . a lot of people are surprised by it . . .   Why is it that people are turning to faith? . . .

Having been a Christian for 24 hours now . . .  I can only tell you what has personally drawn me towards the faith . . .  Peeople on mass are realising that the material world that I sought to find solace and comfort in is no longer serving that function for many young people.  People are waking up and realising it doesn’t work . . . Hedonism, excitement, glory. . . I have heard a lot of Christians say that we need a direct relationship with Christ and without that relationship we will feel hollow and empty and bereaved . . .  84% of the Worlds population have some affiliation… the world is getting more religious not less . . .

I have been on a journey that has been inspired and impacted by suffering, you will be aware of the attacks that took place in the media . . . what you might not know is that at that time my son was born and had open heart surgery when he was very young . . . sometimes the material world and human relationships are not enough . . . I was constantly searching for love in all the wrong places . . .

It is extraordinary to get baptised, you feel like how can this ceremony have any import…how can immersion beneath water, and in my case a live river make any real difference. How can the sins of the past be washed away, how can you be born again?   . . .

For me I have reached the point in my life where for a long while I have known that the material world is not enough, and it is not even about you . . . The pursuit of my own goals and agenda always leaves me empty . . . For me this is a new discovery, it is a surrender undertaken in gratitude and in sincerity . . . for the first time in my life I fully understand I am not at the centre of my universe . . . my function here is to be of service and to be guided and no longer be in autonomous control . . . I have found that for all of the exotic exploration, for all of the various drugs and substances, for all of the esoteric practices, I have found it in that humble place that was at the end of my street. . . in Christianity and in particular in the figure of Christ.”  Russell Brand  Watch or listen to the rest


Let’s pray for Russell, it is clear that his faith is experiential and not merely intellectual. It is also clear that he has come through a time of great suffering and pain and that has helped him realise that the material world cannot satisfy.  It is striking to see him speaking of how the experience of Jesus he has felt, not least through the waters of baptism, is more satisfying and real than any of his drug experiences or as he puts it “exotic exploration”.  He clearly feels that his life was empty and that a hole has been filled with a relationship with Jesus.  This is certainly in keeping with the historical reports of quite striking experiences of Christ.  As Christians we must remember to keep seeking that knowledge of Jesus.  I pray that Russell will know more of Jesus presence whatever happens to him over the months and years to come.



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