EXCLUSIVE interview opportunity with the ESV Translation committee

EXCLUSIVE interview opportunity with the ESV Translation committee May 16, 2005

I am delighted to announce that I have been honored with an exclusive “interview” with the Translation Oversight Committee of the English Standard Version of the Bible. I will be asking them ten questions, which they promise to answer!

My respect for this version of the bible continues to increase, and despite my best goading I have found surprisingly few bloggers who will publicly detract from it. Maybe my first question should be “Why, out of all the bloggers who love the ESV did you choose to grant an interview with me?” I suspect I know the answer to that question, so I wont waste one of my questions on that! I am fairly sure that my election was due to the happy “God-incidence” that I happened to be blogging furiously about The ESV just as the guy who heads up their blog was about to launch it.

I actually think that the ESV Blog is one of the best examples of a blog authored by an organisation out there. Already they have engaged the blogsophere’s interest with some really interesting ideas. This “interview” is surely a great idea. The only mistake might have been in asking me to be the interviewer!

Therefore, I am interested in some help from you guys! What, after reading the ESV intro, would YOU like to ask the translation committee of what is in my view the finest new version of the bible to come out in my lifetime?

In keeping with the exclusive nature of this interview opportunity, please send me your questions by email at adrian@warnock.info with “ESV Interview” in the subject line. Please keep the actual questions you want answered to yourself as then I can see if there are some that come up more than others and then, as usual, exercise my totally subjective viewpoint to choose a combination of what seem to be the favorite questions.

It is not often that someone like me gets to ask a bunch of questions to as important a group of people as the scholars who are currently working on the first minor update to the ESV. Just to use the names of two of my great heroes of the faith- Packer and Grudem in the same sentance as this upstart blogger called Warnock feels like a priviledge too far even for grace. I need your help! Tell me what you would ask if you were in my shoes! Please pass on my request for questions on your blog, linking to this post and lets make this an interview that shows that there is no one of us smarter than all of us!

Questions for the ESV translators have now been posted on my blog.
For more information and reviews about the ESV see the ESV links page.

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