A blogging challenge for all you intrepid men and women out there.

A blogging challenge for all you intrepid men and women out there. June 28, 2005

A new challenge: Explore a chain of bible verses together. Taken together, these verses together form a convincing picture. Your task is to paint it. I am not after bold statements of doctrine, certainly not throughout the post. But, given this string of verses and tackling them in this order, what does the bible have to say about issues of authority and submission and how that impacts on family church and work life?

The verses are Is 66:2, Phil 2:3-10, Mt 23:11-12, 1 Cor 11:3, Col 3:18-24, 1 Tim2:11-14, Titus 2:3-4, 2 Tim 1:5, Acts 18:26, Gen 1:27, Gen 2:18, 20-21, 23, 3:1, 9, 16, 17

The prize? Well, mostly the reward of doing it to be honest. But, for those who want such a thing, a Warnie award is likely to go to whoever I feel has done the best post exploring the issues, provided I like the rest of the blog, and provided they actually want one!

For the purposes of this task you are not in this journey permitted to make many detours. I will allow you an extra 3 detours tops where another verse is brought in to explain matters relating to these.

Your entry should be posted on your blog, if necessary divided into sections. Comments received and in particular the kind of comments of the original author will weigh in my decision. I want to see this idea linked to so there is a chance for others to get involved. So remember let the word and the spirit be your guide and take us through this warnie wild ride through the bible. What does it all mean today? Do these verses hang together?

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