Al Mohler gives Narnia the thumbs up!

Al Mohler gives Narnia the thumbs up! December 10, 2005

Aslan Is On the Move on Film says Al:

Like many admirers of Lewis’ work, I harbored deep suspicions that the movie would not be faithful to the book. After all, the movie world has robbed and pillaged many of history’s greatest works of literature. Furthermore, given the unmistakable Christian allusions in Lewis’ work, The Chronicles of Narnia would be particularly susceptible to cinematic subversion.

Those fears were unfounded. The film is a tour de force, combining faithfulness to Lewis’ story with a wonderful cast. Watching the film is an exciting and fulfilling movie experience. I am not an expert in cinematography, nor would I pose as an expert on film technique. Still, from the vantage point of a film lover who had reservations about this adaptation, this movie has been worth the wait.

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