An open letter to Dotun, a young preacher

An open letter to Dotun, a young preacher February 25, 2006

Over at Brosdee’s view my dear friend Dotun has a post which opens a chink into the heart of a truly great preacher who as a young man is learning to preach in my view amazingly well at a great rate of knots! As CJ Mahaney points out true greatness lies in great humility, and so Dotun in his post is rightly hesitant to recognize his own gifting in preaching.

Here is my comment to him that I put on his blog:

Dear Dotun,

Let others be the judge of whether you are a good preacher or not. I know that all truly good preachers have a similar assessment of their preaching to that Martyn Lloyd-Jones had of his. Despite being acclaimed as THE English-speaking preacher of his generation, MLJ would say that he felt he had never truly preached as he ought except for two occasions both of which occurred whilst he was asleep (ie in his dreams!)

It is for this reason that preaching is a high calling and in a sense a burden. If only every preacher had your desire to rise to a higher level in his delivery- that is one of the many things that I admire about your preaching.

Dotun, you have a great preaching gift and a very rare one. At the outset of what I trust will be a long preaching ministry resolve in your heart never to leave behind the feeling that you are not the preacher you ought to be, and to be always learning, and always listening to the word speaking back to you.

But just so you know, your last sermon at Jubilee is the only sermon in my whole life that I remember listening to SEVERAL times through in the week after hearing it live. This old preacher feels he has much to learn from YOU.

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