Blogging the gifts- a readers question

Blogging the gifts- a readers question March 30, 2006

I havent forgotten my blogging the gifts series, and will get to faith shortly. But I know many of you are longing for the bit on tongues so here is a prelude in the form of a reader-submitted question. I would be interested in your responses to the following either here or on your blog with a link posted here in my comments section:-

Let’s say you are in service, and there is a tongue given, and you feel you have the interpretation, but you aren’t sure. You wait a bit, because you are just trying to consider whether to go up or not, and in the intervening time, someone else comes up and gives an interpretation that’s different to what you were going to say. It seems to be accepted by the ministers etc. Does this mean you were wrong? That it was just you and not the Lord?

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