MLJ MONDAY- A Love Letter to Bethan

MLJ MONDAY- A Love Letter to Bethan September 4, 2006
This Monday I’m going to share with you an entirely different side of Lloyd-Jones. I want to give you a rare glimpse into the family life of this surprisingly private man.

Paul speaks in Ephesians 5:25 of the importance of a Christian husband loving his wife. Surely one of the best ways of so doing is by telling her, by declaring his love to her in words. Here MLJ provides an admirable example in this letter written to his wife, Bethan, which I found quoted on Lig Duncan’s blog.

“Bethan dear, you are dearer to me than ever and I feel prouder of you than ever before . . . All my love to you, my three beloved ones, and especially to the biggest of them . . . There is no one like you anywhere. The more I see of others, the more obvious does this become . . . I would give all the world for you to be here with me . . . Well, my dear, dear love, the best wife and girl in all the world, receive every bit of my love . . . Thank you for your letter of this morning, though I am very angry that you should have been up until 11.30 p.m. writing it! I see that you are quite incorrigible. The idea that I shall become used to being without you is really funny. I could speak for a long time on the subject. As I have told you many, many times, the passing of the years does nothing but deepen and intensify my love for you. When I think of those days in London in 1925 and ’26, when I thought that no greater love was possible, I could laugh. But honestly during this last year I [have] come to believe that it was not possible for a man to love his wife more than I loved you. And yet I see there is no end to love, and that it is still true that ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder.’ I am quite certain that there is no lover, anywhere, writing to his girl who is quite as mad about her as I am.”

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