Happy 10th Birthday Tamasin Joy Warnock

Happy 10th Birthday Tamasin Joy Warnock March 11, 2007
Ten years ago today I was experiencing very similar feelings to the ones I am today. I was exhausted, and in awe of my resilient wife for what she had just gone through. We had also had experienced a bit of concern about the birth which, like little George’s, had been far from straightforward. Like today, we were thanking God for His intervention in our lives and a safe arrival.

Tamasin — on this your tenth birthday — I want the world to know how glad I am you entered our world on the 11th March 1997. I want them to know what a joy it is watching you grow. I want them to know how thrilled I have been that you never felt jealous when your brothers and sister were born as we have filled our lives with yet more children. Thanks for being a wonderful daughter, and I’m looking forward to years more of being your dad.

For those who are wondering, there will not be any blog paternity leave as such. This is because I have already written a backlog of posts that will be published this week. I am not sure when I will have time to summarise and comment on the rest of the Shepherds’ Conference, however.

Real life trumps blogging, but this time I get to effectively be in two places at once. Those who know me well will realise that this level of organisation is far from common with me! Have a great week everybody, and enjoy the precious life God has given us.

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