Richard Cunningham on The Parable of the Sower – Luke 7

Richard Cunningham on The Parable of the Sower – Luke 7 April 4, 2009

God’s word and Men and women’s hearts were made for each other.

Sowing Jesus knew how to sway a crowd. The seed falls on different kinds of soil. In a sense this is the most unsurprising story to a rural community. They know some seed doesn’t grow. Cant have been his most electrifying story on one level. He is sifting the crowd. Jesus does this often, for example when he told the crowd to eat is flesh! Why have we come to this conference? Are you hungry for him? For his word? Or do you just want him to make your problems go away? Crowd euphoria is a fleeting thing. God’s word never leaves us unchanged, it either hardens or bears fruit. Jesus is looking for those with a noble and good heart (v15). Do we hear, retain, persevere and bear a crop? We need a heart that can hear God’s word and receive it. Some reject it. Others receive it and it springs up briefly. Others find it choked by the worries of life. Our initial enthusiasm does not guarantee long term fruitfulness. Jesus says it’s the long-term attitude to my word that counts. Hebrews 3:14 shows that we must persevere to the end to be sure that we have received Christ.

Growing – The seed is so powerful that it will grow in the heart of this kingdom and utterly overwhelm it. By God’s word the kingdom will be established. Growing is happening now. There is preaching and teaching. The seed then spreads to the four corners of the world.

Reaping Revelation 22:6 The river of life will be flowing. The tree of life will bring healing to the nations. The good soil will have eternal benefits having received it persevered and produced fruit.

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