Interview With "Bones" A Pastor From Zimbabwe

Interview With "Bones" A Pastor From Zimbabwe November 6, 2009

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a soft spot for this troubled African country. It was where my wife grew up for a start. Also, who cannot feel compassion for this nation which should be one of the wealthiest in Africa and yet faces abject poverty?

What amazes me is the way God seems to be working in this land. Good, doctrinally solid churches seem to be springing up all over the place! Not only are there 16 Zimbabwe churches directly in relationship with Newfrontiers, but there are at least two other networks led by godly men who we have good friendships with. God seems to be raising some spiritual giants in that land to carve out church plants in the midst of great adversity, and to help train a whole nation in a form of farming that will help them feed the multitudes still reeling from hyperinflation and the destruction of their currency among other adversities.

“Bones” or Mbonisi Malaba to give him his proper name, is one such man. He is the pastor of a thriving church in Bulawayo. There is no doubt that his talk at Brighton earlier in the year was one of the highlights of the whole conference for me. But I also had the chance to film the following interview with him. You will enjoy it, and be thrilled to realise that God is at work building his church in this part of Africa.

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