Don't You Dare Try and Worship God With Your Hands In Your Pockets!

Don't You Dare Try and Worship God With Your Hands In Your Pockets! November 5, 2009

My pastor, Tope Koleoso did not say the words in the title of this post. But they are very consistent with the tone and thrust of the following sermon on worship which follows on from what he said last week. I would strongly encourage you to watch both of these talks as you will find they have a fresh and challenging perspective on worship.

The video is available in HD at In response to what we have been hearing about worship, this coming Sunday will be a special service at Jubilee Church with a prolonged worship time. It may be that you live near London and have often wondered what a celebratory charismatic sevice looks like. This Sunday would be a great day for you to visit us. Here is what Tope said in the Facebook event for this coming Sunday’s service:

Over the past few weeks here at jubilee Church, we have had some of our most Spirit-filled and liberating times of worship.

Our current series “Worship His Majesty” has been an opportunity for God to teach us about the nature of His character, the Work of His hands, and the Power of His presence.

As we come to the final session of this series, we believe that God is calling us to set aside this coming Sunday service to be a time of extended worship.

It is with this in mind that I whole-heartedly invite you to this wonderful event.

We will triumphantly praise Him with African rhythms, English songs and Caribbean melodies.
We will praise Him with shouting and clapping, and singing and dancing.

I am fully persuaded that it will be a powerful time of worship to God and blessings from God.

Come and join us as we “Worship His Majesty”.

Venue: Jubilee Church (Cineworld Cinema) Enfield
Date: 8th November 2009 (THIS SUNDAY)
Time: 10:00am – 11:45am



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