Up to 60% off Commentaries this Easter: Logos Bible Software

Up to 60% off Commentaries this Easter: Logos Bible Software March 28, 2024

For the next three days Logos Bible Software are offering up to 60% off commentary sets in a special March sale to readers of this blog.

Just in case you haven’t heard of Logos, here is my official endorsement:

 For many years now—if I want to check out the meaning of a Bible passage, do a word study, or check out the latest Christian thinking on any subject—I almost always turn to Logos.  I think of it as my full-time personal digital assistant. I can get the information I need in seconds. My growing collection of electronic commentaries, lexicons, Bibles, interlinear Bibles, reference books, and theological journals is like my personal theological seminary library.

There is a great collection of commentary sets available at big reductions until the end of March!  Simply click here and if you have a logos account already make sure you log in to get your own personalised prices that will reflect what you already own.

As a pro tip, if one of the commentary sets catches your eye do scroll down the Logos product page and check if it is included in any collections available for sale (make sure you click see all).  Even old collections are still offered for sale and that can lead to some HUGE discounts.  Especially if you already own a Logos library you may well find there’s even more savings to be had.

For example the Spurgeon Commentaries caught my eye as they collect this great preacher’s insights on NT books into one place, saving time and effort.  The discounted sale price was already great but because of other books and packages I already owned the Logos 10 Disciple Standard collection was actually cheaper to me than the commentary offer on its own and included a number of other books that also looked interesting!  Even if a collection like this is more expensive on your dynamic pricing it might be cost effective for you if it includes other resources you are interested in.



Among other Logos resources you can own are

If you do not yet have this wonderful Bible Study tool or you are due an upgrade, readers of this blog get a 10% discount.

These are affiliate links.

Logos was essential for me in writing my first book Raised With Christ, How the Resurrection Changes Everything.  Here are some free chapters from that book:

Chapter One

Resurrection: Rediscover the Heart of the Gospel

Chapter Two

The Resurrection Appearances

Chapter Three

Resurrection: Fact or Fiction? Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

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