A three-celebration present to myself: Zondervan on Logos and more journals

A three-celebration present to myself: Zondervan on Logos and more journals March 28, 2010

Easter is around the corner. I love this time of year at the best of times.  This year, the Easter weekend is a triple celebration for me. We commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus. But on Good Friday I will celebrate my own spiritual resurrection, for it was on that day that I first made a response to the gospel as a young child. I thank God for what he did in my heart that day, and for his hand in protecting me ever since.

On Monday April 5th, I will also be celebrating what I could argue is the last birthday of my youth. At 39 this year, I still have a whole twelve months to enjoy being “young, restless, and reformed.” I won’t worry about what to call myself when I have turned 40 until 2011!

Those who know me will be able to imagine how welcome this week’s sudden improvement in the alpha of the Logos Bible Software Mac program has been to me. I had previously consigned the early Mac alpha version to the trash since it was, at that time, completely useless on a “real” computer. At long last, this week I no longer have to envy PC users. This week’s step up in the Logos 4 Mac program was almost like a resurrection! The passage guide works. The indexing worked and didn’t take five days. Searching rocks. Basically, I can just put in a phrase or a string of key words and it searches all my thousands of books (or a subset of them) and finds the best “ranked” results almost instantly rather than churning them out randomly. It’s like Google for commentaries, lexicons, and theological journal articles.

To celebrate, I decided to treat myself to a three-celebration present. I have selected some of the new Zondervan titles just coming out on Logos. They happen to be planning to deliver this on my 39th birthday via automatic download. This is likely to be my favorite birthday present I have ever bought myself as I will be getting some great new resources, including the Life Application series which I have wanted in Logos form for a long while. The full collection contains a number of standard works, including NIDOTT and NIDNTT.

By way of disclaimer, I have bought this one myself, and unlike the special 15% saving offer on a base package, I do not receive any financial reward if you purchase this. But buy this you should if you can! Especially if you ever bought any of these books on Zondervan’s previous software. Even if you no longer have proof of purchase, call Logos at 800-875-6467 or +1-360-527-1700 and they should be able to give you a whopping 40% off the pre-pub price, even of books you didn’t own, and they have a pre-payment plan.  You will need to move fast (i.e. before the Easter break) if you want the heavily discounted prices. You can even use any of these collections as a stand-alone item without any other books or the base package, although it’s going to work better the more books you have.

Oh, I almost forgot, I have also updated my Theological Journal Library to include more items. The journals are considerably cheaper than some of the Zondervan titles, but will, at times, prove even more useful, I find myself looking at the ones I have fairly often.

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