New Video about "Raised With Christ"

New Video about "Raised With Christ" June 10, 2010

Remember, the resurrection is not just for Easter. We should have Jesus’ resurrection on our lips all year round as much as the cross. The first of these two newly released videos is the first in the online study guide that we are working on right now. It would be great if you could consider getting a copy of the book and join a group of us each week as we discuss it. These weekly discussions (which are conducted via Twitter) will help refine the study guide for future readers and groups of readers.

Watch on Vimeo.

The second video comes from the Q and A. In it I answer the question: “Why did you decide to write about the resurrection?” Other video questions include:

  • But don’t all Christians believe in the resurrection of Jesus?
  • Do we need to mention the resurrection when we preach?
  • Are you saying that the cross is overemphasized?
  • Why do Christians neglect the resurrection?
  • Do you want us to emphasize the resurrection rather than arguing about theories of atonement?
  • What are the implications of neglecting the resurrection?
  • Why is the resurrection so important for understanding our justification?
  • How does the resurrection transform our lives today?

Watch on Vimeo.

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