Will you join me as part of the 1% ?

Will you join me as part of the 1% ? June 11, 2010

Desiring God is definitely my favorite ministry in the whole world (unless of course you include the family of churches of which I am a part). There is no doubt that they have done an incredible amount of good. For years they have been very generous offering a vast array of materials for free online.

We seem to be beginning to realize as a culture that expecting individuals and organizations to give information away for nothing is not really viable. Desiring God are facing significant financial difficulties. But we are the church of Jesus. Surely just 1% of us who use Desiring God could afford to support them? I have benefited personally incalculably from the sermons and other resources there. And, as I know even for my own much less visited blog, the more visitors you have the higher the cost of hosting a website.

I have therefore today decided to become part of that 1% of web visitors that Desiring God are looking for to contribute. Will you join me? Here is a video to explain more:

You can read all about it on on the Desiring God website from which I took the following quote:

If just one percent of you—only 3,500—who have benefited from our free resources but who have seldom or never contributed financially would support us this next year with a modest amount, it will turn the tide. Our planned reductions will be transformed into expansion. If just one percent of you join in our mission next year, our capacity to provide theological nourishment freely to millions around the world, especially to pastors in the neediest areas of the world, will be stronger than it has ever been.

via The 1% Campaign :: Desiring God.

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