Tweets from 2011-06-28

Tweets from 2011-06-28 June 28, 2011
  • RT @JohnPiper: There is so much deep, heart-wrenching sorrow of regret among 60somethings. I plead with you who are under 40: Preempt this! #
  • @richardwestley Jesus in the gospels taught people one to one, with a few disciples around, and to massive crowds. Why should we choose? in reply to richardwestley #
  • RT @mrepucci: It's here! @TerryVirgo 's new book The Spirit Filled Church, all the way from the UK, Thanks @adrianwarnock for the source! #

Jesus mugs you with his love
"This is the problem with taking too much from a parable, which Keller has done. ..."

Jesus mugs you with his love
"You say, "What does the Father do? He doesn't wait for us to....."Yes He does! ..."

Jesus mugs you with his love
"There is lots of ideas floating around about diet, supplements, and such like. Sadly most ..."

Leukaemia Update: Time for treatment

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