How to spend less on evangelism but be more successful

How to spend less on evangelism but be more successful June 27, 2011

My friend Brian Mowrey writes:

“In my last post, I mentioned we (Jubilee Church St Louis) have spent more money on evangelism in the past, yet were less effective at reaching the lost and adding them into our community than we are now. The main reason why that’s true is because we focused most of our energy on DOING evangelism versus BEING an evangelistic community . . .

When you’re focused on doing evangelism, the goal is to get people to act out certain behaviors or to do activities (passing out tracks, prayer walks, street evangelism, etc), while being an evangelistic community is about living out an identity that goes well beyond the activity itself. You can teach people to evangelize and they can go out and do it, but never know the heart behind evangelism . . .

An evangelistic community is one that is built around the mission of Jesus to seek and save sinners (Luke 19:10). . . a key component is being a community that is built to attract and welcome in sinners. When part of the identity of the entire church is to be a place that welcomes sinners amongst them, that becomes a very powerful witness and very attractive to those who do not yet believe. You become the kind of church that NATURALLY attracts sinners versus one that almost needs to pretend to attract sinners.”


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