What is the Gospel Coalition? Perspective from the new Christian.co.uk

What is the Gospel Coalition? Perspective from the new Christian.co.uk March 27, 2012

A recently launched new Christian news site Christian.co.uk is making a bit of a splash on this side of the pond. They appear to be aiming to have a good broad coverage of diverse Christian groups. I was asked to comment on a brief article on the Gospel Coalition for them. Here is the part of the article based on my comments, the rest of the article is worth a read. Just for the avoidance of any doubt, I have indeed stated that I uphold the Gospel Coalition statement of faith, and became an individual member there.

“Adrian Warnock reguarly blogs on theological issues and is the writer of Raised With Christ. I asked him if he believes some UK Evangelicals are going away from the gospel. "Definitely yes," he said."Theres always been liberalism. Whats different about it now is it seems more reluctant to use the label. When I grew up in Christianity I spoke to people who would clearly say Im a liberal. Evangelicals were seen as a pesky minority. Thats changed and theres a trend to a more evangelical faith. The evangelical movement is where the money is, the power is and the growth is in the UK. People who have a more liberal approach are wanting to stay within the evangelical movement rather than critique it from the outside.""Evangelicalism in the past was defined as whether or not you agree with John Stott and Billy Graham, but now perhaps thats less the case and were a little bit more at sea as to what that definition is."While unsure if the UK needs an organisation similar to TGC, Adrian does believe collaboration between like minded evangelicals is both happening and is needed. The popular blogger has debated with a number of well known American Christians including Rob Bell. Apparently agreeing with TGCs statement of faith, Adrian says the "heart" of the gospel is: "Jesus rose again and the implications of that for us and the whole universe."

Read more at What is the Gospel [Coalition]? | Christian.co.uk.

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