Five reasons why you should read a book about the resurrection this week

Five reasons why you should read a book about the resurrection this week April 1, 2012

1. Christians often speak about the need to stay close to the cross, and there are many who urge people to read a book about the Cross each year. Why not also read a book about the resurrection?

2. When you read the preaching in Acts, or the teaching of letters like Romans it is very clear that the resurrection lies at the very heart of the gospel. Yet it is often not at the heart of our study or proclamation.

3. In possibly the most wrongly neglected verse in the Bible, Paul proclaims Jesus was “raised for our justification” ( Romans 4:25). Yet few Christians could explain what he meant by that.

4. Because the One thing that distinguishes all groups of Christians on the earth today from all non Christians is the belief that Jesus rose physically from his tomb. Nobody who is a believer would deny that. Nobody who is an unbeliever would affirm it, and live by its implications. Understanding then the reasons we believe it is true, and the implications the event has for us is quite simply the most important thing we could ever do.

5. In the gospel of Jesus resurrection is power to save, transform and equip you. You neglect it at your peril.

If you are convinced, then don’t delay, pop over to Amazon or your favourite bookstore and look for my book Raised with Christ, or another book on the resurrection and get reading!

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