Your Easter video invitation to meet the risen Jesus at a church near you

Your Easter video invitation to meet the risen Jesus at a church near you April 4, 2012

I urge you if you are reading this blog, go to an Easter service this year. Maybe it’s been a long time since you came to church. Maybe you have been hurt by other churches. But the question isn’t have churches done wrong. The question isn’t even has anyone lived up to the expectations God puts on them. We know the answers to those questions. The question is did Jesus rise again. If he did then we are compelled to follow him, to worship him. A church near you will be putting on an Easter guest service. Move heaven and earth to get there and join with others who are celebrating HE IS RISEN!

I will be preaching during Jubilee’s Good Friday service at 8pm in the Enfield Baptist Church building. On Easter Sunday Jubilee will be baptising more people than we ever have before, and I will be preaching at Kings Church Kingston. It would be great to see you there but if you live far away from London, Jesus will be being worshiped at a church near you

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