A sermon on Jesus’ Resurrection and its implications for us (Romans 4:25)

A sermon on Jesus’ Resurrection and its implications for us (Romans 4:25) April 11, 2012

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I thank God for being so with us at Kings Church Kingston this past Sunday. He was present by his Spirit, and I was aware of his help as I spoke. I don’t believe that I have ever preached a sermon where more people responded to the gospel in the appeal at the end. Clearly the risen Lord was present and at work to save men and women. I hope you may benefit from listening to this sermon, or perhaps invite a friend who is yet to find Jesus to listen as well.

You can download or listen to the audio here.

Of course, if after your own Easter services you are beginning to realize that the resurrection is way too much good news to think about only once a year, and you have yet to read my book Raised With Christ, or another book on the resurrection, perhaps this is a good time to put that right!

Here is a lightly edited version of the notes that I used to preach from. My text was Romans 4:25, but I read some of the context.


Bible doctrine teaches us truths about God – this is not boring!

Bible stories are inspiring, faith building, contain lessons for life, and lead us to Jesus.

Some emphasize one or the other. Actually the Bible is a story book designed to teach us doctrine with some strongly doctinal sections but even they are embdedeed in the grand story.

Here the turning point of Romans is placed in the context of a story. In a way it is the heart of the greatest book of the Bible.

This phrase we will focus on is therefore the neglected heart of the Bible.

Much preaching today is Jesus died for you.
It is true – by this we know his love (Romans 5:8) and see our sin is killed

Our verse declares Jesus died and rose again for you !
By thus we know his Glory and have hope our bodies will live for ever!
We are saved MUCH more by Jesus’ life! (Romans 5:10)

1. Jesus WAS raised
Most important question is “did he rise again?”
ALL Christian groups believe in physical resurrection of Jesus and live in light of the implications of that event.
We can know resurrection victory!

2. Raised for US
Not just a nice event for him. We share in it! Spiritual resurrection. Eph 2.

Christianity is not you do wrong things now stop and try harder.
Many young people leave church because they feel they cant live the xtn life. You can’t any more than a corpse can get up and walk !

Not just an end to the old life beginning of new
Eternal life the gift of the resurrection, to be enjoyed now (John 10:10). Jesus is a Life giving spirit (1 Cor 15).
We can know resurrection life! (Romans 6:4, 8:11)

3. Raised for our Justification

Gods declaration of righteousness. Resurrection was Jesus own justification we share in this (Romans 1)
It is not only just as if I’d never sinned but rather just as if I’d already lived a righteous life!
Cross alone cannot save. Jesus credit is greater than our debt!
Without resurrection we’d be dead in sins
The resurrection prompts faith which justifies

Jesus’ resurrection is necessary as we must be

United with him!
Clothed in him
Hidden in him
Interceded for by him
Saved by him.
Healed by him
Protected by him
Welcomed home by him to a glorious eternity of no pain

And last but NOT least,
Filled by him with the power of the age to come! A foretaste of heaven. (Ephesians 1)

When we know where we stand with him we can know resurrection JOY

What wonderful news! Romans 6:23

How do we get in?
Romans 10:8 “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart God raised him from the dead you will be saved”

DONT over complicate it!

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