The Depression Epidemic an article from Christianity Today

The Depression Epidemic an article from Christianity Today April 10, 2013

Today I want to share a quote and link to an article that was published in Christianity Today some three years ago that was linked to by Mark D Roberts this week. My own posts on this subject will return soon:

Deep depression is embodied emotional suffering. It is not simply a state of mind or a negative view of life but something that affects our physical being as well. Signs of a severe episode of depression include unfounded negative evaluations of friends, family, and oneself, emotional “pain,” physical problems such as lethargy, difficulty getting one’s thoughts together, and virtually no interest in one’s surroundings. Though most of us know at least an acquaintance who has committed suicide, this tragic act baffles us perhaps as much as it pains us. “I just don’t understand,” we say. The irony is that survivors of serious suicide attempts frequently reflect on those attempts with a similar attitude: “I have no idea what came over me.” The pain and mental dysfunction of major depression are that deep.

via The Depression Epidemic | Christianity Today.

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  • Hi Adrian, I’m not sure but I may have heard you on a program called unbelievable a long, long time ago. Thank you for talking about this important topic. I want to share with you something of my own experience as a young person who believed in the gospels and suffered from depression. Whe I was young, I suffered from major depression caused in part by my religious beliefs, which I believe were a little off. I was hospitalised and very few people visited. I think people found my doubts confrontational to their own perhaps shaky faith. That really put me off going to church, and to this day I do not like any church which does not specifically ask people to minister to others. I believe they do more harm than good/ God. I now have a little bit of acceptance of all of those things, and read a lot of theology. Yet, I still think that as a church we are pretty good at committing sins of omission. To ask whether a Christian can be a depressed person has it all a little backwards. Perhaps we should ask whether a depresed person can be a Christian. I say, its not easy but what is when you are feeling like that. Yet, the vision Christianity has of becoming other centered and contextualising one’s own pain through looking at the suffering of others holds great promise for this broken world. Please take a look at my essays if you have time. They are a bit of a motley bag, but so are most things.