Twenty types of tweet: how many do you use on Twitter?

Twenty types of tweet: how many do you use on Twitter? June 27, 2013

Perhaps the recipe for success on Twitter is posting the right proportion of some or maybe even all of the following types of tweet. When someone posts too many of any individual variety of post it can certainly be off-putting in my view. A balanced diet is definitely best, and yet some of these types of tweet should be more used than others. One thing for sure, however, once you have read this list you will never be able to say “but there’s nothing I could write about” again!

I think that over time I have used all of the following types of tweet, what about you?

  1. What you are doing / feeling / thinking about right now.
  2. Sharing your own inspirational thought
  3. Retweeting someone else’s inspirational thought
  4. Tweeting a Bible verse alone or with a short comment
  5. Asking your followers opinion about something  “Thinking ’bout Arminianism and Calvinism lately, would any of you choose a church based solely on that issue anymore?
  6. Linking to an article you have written
  7. Linking to an article someone else has written
  8. Sharing a video
  9. Sharing something you have learnt by reading or by experience
  10. Personal travel information  “I’m at the airport on the way to California…”
  11. Food Tweets  “Eating a gorgeous steak…”
  12. Name dropping  “I am with The Queen of England sipping tea…”
  13. “Follow Friday” or similar…telling your followers who else you think they should follow
  14. Posting a personal photo
  15. Family news “My son Johnny just won the 100m at his sports day…”
  16. Public conversations with an individual “Hey, @topekoleoso loved that sermon on Sunday, can you tell me where that quote about the Puritans came from?”
  17. Asking your readers for help  “Looking for a last minute holiday for my family (seven of us), last week in August. Any suggestions?”
  18. Thank you Tweets “Thanks @topekoleoso for retweeting my last post, glad you were encouraged by it”
  19. Something that is simply amusing or entertaining
  20. A book/film/product recommendation or endorsement “I loved watching Man of Steel…you should really go…”

For more on how to use Twitter, see our video discussion about social media.

Over to you: Did I miss any? Which ones do you use? Are there any that you don’t like seeing other people use? Are there any that you haven’t used till now that you think perhaps you will start?

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