Terry Virgo joins the conversation over MacArthur and the Charismatics

Terry Virgo joins the conversation over MacArthur and the Charismatics October 1, 2013

I recently highlighted John MacArthur’s accusation that charismatics blaspheme the Holy Spirit.

It seemed to me at the time that he was trying to throw back the clock to the angry divisions of the 1960s and beyond on this issue.

Terry Virgo is one man who lived through that time as an emerging Evangelical leader, and today is still very much exercising a fruitful and significant ministry. I suspect Terry may be as saddened as I am to see some people from two traditions we love and have strong roots in arguing in this way. Many of his generation paid a deep cost for their charismatic convictions, with a number being literally thrown out of chruches just because they spoke in tongues. Recent developments had made us feel that such days were behind us.

Terry very rarely enters into debates, and in fact I am pretty sure this is the first time I have seen him do so online. So I paid close attention to his tweet when he introduced the following brief video as, “My contribution to the John Macarthur conversation on ‘strange fire’, questioning the legitimacy of the charismatic.”

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  • David Housholder

    Can you imagine the Creator of the universe cheering this conference on? http://wp.me/p2KckS-1im

  • gmonzeglio@mweb.co.za

    Charismatics have turned the term “born again” into a household joke. I dont think John Macarthur will be seen as a joke and his contribution nearly as damaging as yours – but Paul does make reference to people coming in and thinking you are “mad”. Yep. Mad.