The Bible TV series hits UK screens TONIGHT

The Bible TV series hits UK screens TONIGHT November 30, 2013

At 9pm on Channel 5 the series that rocked America will hit our screens. This is not the time to nitpick at the inevitable artistic liberties that will have been taken. It is the time to celebrate the appearance on our screens of this series. I for one will be watching.

There are also some useful resources for churches and Christians to take advantage of this.

Once again lets surprise the media executives with just how much interest there still is in this book written over centuries and completed not much less than 2,000 years ago!

"Thankyou for your kind thoughts and prayers. God Bless."

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  • Kate Snyder

    What did you think of it, Adrian? I didn’t care much for it (too violent) but, yes, we need to be thankful that films like this are on the air.