A sermon on Psalm 2

A sermon on Psalm 2 December 16, 2013

This is a sermon I preached earlier this year at Jubilee Church Wood Greed. It is based on Micah 6:7 and Psalm 2.

Here are some brief notes from the sermon.

  1. The rejection of the King
  2. The world hates us as it hates God. They see Christianity as boring and restrictive, and cast off the restraints. But God sets limits for our own good. So-called constraints are actually liberating. He has designed you, be content with what he has made you to be.

  3. The response of the King
  4. Jesus is not insecure. He is King. When the rebelling against him got to the zenith, Jesus was dying. Satan may have thought he was winning. Even God had rejected Jesus at that moment as he turned away the wrath of God against sin. But actually, this was his greatest victory. “It is finished!” The curtain was ripped in half, and entry was given to the holy of holies in the temple.

    Jesus wasn’t left in the tomb. The cords of death could not retrain him. He was the king of life. He kept out front he tomb, forever the champion of those who are oppressed, and those who have nothing. Jesus resurrection was a declaration that the debt had been paid. His righteousness had outweighed your sin. He will never fear death, never fear rebellion. He is sovereign over all. He will allow us to be broken sometimes, to change us from those who are arrogant and think the world revolves around us. He sometimes needs to demolish things in our lives so that he can build us up.

  5. Our response to the King

  6. “Be wise…serve the Lord with fear” God is in a sense our problem because of his wrath towards us, but he is also our solution as we can hide from the Wrath of God in his Son. As a believer we can offer mercy to others. Reach out a loving hand to someone who is expecting to be rejected. We have been loved by God why would we not respond to his call to love the World?

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