James White vs Michael Brown: Predestination Debate on European Christian TV

James White vs Michael Brown: Predestination Debate on European Christian TV February 7, 2014

Another thing I missed last month was James White and Michael Brown appearing on Revelation TV, one of Europe’s largest Christian TV station. Having said previously that I feel we as evangelicals we have largely failed in our duty to colonise the airwaves, I am thrilled to see these two men I respect accepting this invitation. Like Stetzer and Chandler, these men are not afraid of somehow being “contaminated” despite the broad rejection of Christian TV by so many evangelicals.

The specific debate is not one that will be resolved any time soon.  Both of these men carried themselves well, and you may find you agree with one then the other at different points. Longtime blog readers will remember that I advocate a “spectrum” approach to this issue, so would not be surprised if you find it hard to come down firmly on one side of the fence or the other.

You can watch the debate and the following Q and A here:

Part One

Part Two

If you prefer to listen rather than watch, here are the two parts in audio only:

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