Everyday Mission by Ben Connolly and Bob Roberts

Everyday Mission by Ben Connolly and Bob Roberts July 9, 2014

My friend Bob Roberts has recently co-authored a book called Everyday Mission  with Ben Connelly. Here is what I wrote as an endorsement for it, followed by a video which talks about the idea of regular missional living:

“Are you concerned about the state of the Church in the West today? Are you affected by the need of the World around us? Do you struggle to know what you should do about it personally? 

This book will challenge you to become a missionary, right where you live, and not leave evangelism to the so-called “professionals”. 

You will find many captivating phrases like “people are not projects” and, “we introduce people to the things that are most important to us.” Mingled with the inspiration and motivation are practical pointers, which will help you share Jesus with your friends, neighbours and colleagues. Reading this book could have eternal consequences.”

-Adrian Warnock, blogger and author, Raised With Christ

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