Become more confident in explaining the Gospel

Become more confident in explaining the Gospel September 9, 2014

Today I wanted to share some comments from others about another key purpose we had in writing Hope Reborn. Over the years at Jubilee we have come to realize that the single best evangelistic resource a church has is people who have themselves encountered Jesus and been changed by him. Often such people are enthusiastic in sharing their faith with others, and at a minimum inviting them to church, small group, or perhaps an Alpha Course.

Our hope is that even Christians who have been around church for a long time will find Hope Reborn helps them to feel more inspired by the Gospel as I explained in an earlier post.  But our hope is also that in reading its pages, many Christians will find that it is a resource that not only can they give to others, but it will help shape their conversations. We have aimed to find ways of expressing the old truth that will make sense to modern people who often simply do not have the biblical background that previous generations did.  We hope this book will help inspire Christians to not assume anything as they explain the gospel to those who say they have been Christians for years (but may not be), to new believers, and to those who are enquiring about our faith.

Here is how some of our kind endorsers explained this:

Bob Roberts Jr “I am so excited about HOPE REBORN! I enjoyed reading it, and Northwood Church will definitely use it. I know of no other resource like it. It takes a person all the way from pre conversion to being filled with the boldness that comes from the Holy Spirit.

Many discipleship materials make too many assumptions that are no longer true in the 21st century. Hope Reborn assumes nothing, and presents the Bible’s message in a fresh, engaging, and understandable way. I predict this is going to be a very significant resource for the global church.”
Bob Roberts Jr – Founder and Pastor, Northwood Church @bobrobertsjr

Dr Michael BrownAt last! An engagingly written, theologically vibrant little book that you can give to seekers, to new converts, and to struggling believers.

The authors depict a righteous Savior who can be touched and who really cares, and they lay out practical steps every child of God can take to grow strong in the faith.

Michael L. Brown – Author, theologian, apologist, and radio host

ricebroocksJubilee Church is an engaging church. They are focussed on the proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel, and are growing by conversion. This book will be of great help to anyone who wants to become a Christian.

If you have been part of a church for many years Hope Reborn will also help you to bring the gospel back to the center, and to become more confident in explaining it to others.

Rice Brooks – author, God’s Not Dead – The evidence behind the movie.

stetzertbnTope and Adrian are the real deal– I’ve preached in their church, fellowshipped with their families, and believe in their ministry. They know and love the Lord and it comes through in Hope Reborn.

If you are a Christian, this book will help you know and share your faith. And, if you’re not, it’s a great guide to understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus. I commend them and Hope Reborn to you.

Ed Stetzer – President, LifeWay Research. @edstetzer


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