“People are often saved through a fragment of truth. What comes next is vital” Terry Virgo

“People are often saved through a fragment of truth. What comes next is vital” Terry Virgo September 10, 2014

One of the most fatal errors in church ministry would be to assume that people who respond to the gospel on a Sunday morning or at an evangelistic meeting fully understand what they are doing. For many of them, the response is an emotional one to a piece of truth that resonated with them. To simply assume that the person is now a Christian and needs no further help would be foolish indeed. In an ideal world such people will be followed up personally, but sometimes that simply can’t happen. Our prayer is that Hope Reborn will be a useful resource for someone who has responded to the gospel to be given there and then, and for them to also be offered a chance to meet up with someone else to talk about what they read in it.

Hope Reborn deliberately doesn’t bring up apologetics issues and arguments for and against our faith. Other books do that. It also doesn’t assume that the reader is definitely a Christian. Our prayer is that by the grace of God this book will help many to come to know Jesus for themselves and take their first steps as a Christian.  Lets see how some of the book’s kind endorsers explain this point:

537835People are often saved through a fragment of truth. What comes next is vital. Here is instruction not only to establish Christians in their new identity but also to provide a path to effective Christian living. Their own burgeoning local church provides a great endorsement to Tope’s and Adrian’s teaching.

Terry Virgo – author and founder of Newfrontiers terryvirgo.org

colin buchanan bioWhere is that straightforward, plain English, theologically sound, assume-nothing little book that you can give to an unbelieving friend, read with the seeker, share with the new believer, work through with the backslider? A book that carefully and pastorally delivers the gospel, framed from the outset as a real encounter with the living, saving, discipling Jesus. A book that clearly and practically explains the breadth of repenting, Christ-following faith from conversion through the steady heavenward walk of willing obedience.

Hope Reborn is just such a book. Not only is it exciting that the church has this superb new resource – Tope and Adrian have warmed my heart anew with the wonders of the gospel.

Colin Buchanan – Christian Children’s Recording artist and author, Sydney, Australia colinbuchanan.com.au

greg surrattOnce, Jesus was teaching and he told people “my burden is light.” In other words, he didn’t come to weigh us down and make life harder. It seems like there are always people ready to make Christianity complicated and difficult, and that’s why I love this book: it captures the simplicity that Jesus originally offered. You need to read this book!

Greg Surratt – founding pastor of Seacoast Church, and a founding board member of the Association of Related Churches (ARC). gregsurratt.org

amy simpson“Koleoso and Warnock have created a helpful resource for anyone new to Christianity or desiring a better understanding of the faith.

Written with a voice of experience, insight, and compassion, this book reflects the authors’ pastoral hearts and the character of Jesus himself.”

Amy Simpson – editor, Gifted for Leadership author, Anxious: Choosing Faith in a World of Worry amysimpsononline.com

Dave Smith“This is an excellent book: simple yet profound, brief yet thorough. Written in a style that is readable and easy to relate to, it covers the critical issues needed for a person to get off to a strong start in their Christian life.

I trust and pray that it will be a great resource to many churches and a great blessing to many individuals. May many lives be transformed as a result!”

David Smith – Senior Pastor, KingsGate Community Church



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