The Boy Who is Lord: A Christmas Spoken Word

The Boy Who is Lord: A Christmas Spoken Word December 21, 2015

Proud to know my friend Nizam. Been beautiful to watch him grow in the Lord for a few years now. This year, he shared this Spoken Word at our Christmas Carol service.  You will be blessed by this telling of the timeless story, and listen up and you will hear a shout out for my book about Easter, Raised With Christ!  If you are looking for a last minute Christmas present, that could do it, or even my other book, Hope Reborn!

Happy Christmas to you all! May you have a blessed time off with family, and remember the reason for the season.

This was performed at Jubilee Church London, and the video and image are used with permission of Nizam.

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  • Realist1234

    Ok Adrian, enough about your books!

    • Hey I haven’t spoken about them for ages! Authors always want people to read their books!

      • Realist1234

        Fair enough! Have a Merry Christmas, and may the Lord bless you in your new job.